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A word about online reviews and our guarantee.

Perhaps you've noticed that online reviews seem to be everywhere today. We've noticed that many of those websites and social media platforms that enable reviews of lawyers and law firms do not guarantee that the review is from an actual client

In fact, we observed that -- if you read closely -- some reviews associated with other law firms are submitted by the law firm's employees, friends of the firm, or other non-clients. Those reviews tend to recommend a lawyer, describe his/her qualities, but provide no details about actually using that law firm's services. Worse, some reviews refer to lawyers no longer associated with that law firm.

So where does that leave you? Neither type of review helps you learn about the law firm or reduce the challenge of selecting an employment law firm. Some people even think that those kinds of reviews are outright misleading.

Because we understand that selecting a lawyer is one of the most important work-related decisions you may make, Hersh Law Firm PC guarantees that: (1) each of the reviews on our website is submitted by a bona-fide current or former client, (2) each review relates to our client's experience working with Barry Hersh, and (3) no client has been paid or otherwise compensated for their reviews.

Hersh Law Firm PC doesn't make this guarantee because we have to. We do it because integrity is important and we presume that it is important to you too.


"Hi Barry! You have been the most amazing lawyer I have ever seen! You spent so much time making sure that I was comfortable with every step of the way. There was so much respect and dignity and you built me up in a way that gave me so much confidence. The entire experience has been so positive. The respect you showed to the other side was incredible! Having gone through 2 [different lawsuits], practically simultaneously, I can see the striking differences. You totally understand the dynamics of the case you were working on, and that was reflected in your approach and handling of the case. It was very very impressive. You maintained an amazing attitude throughout the entire process. All in all, I have nothing but gratitude for you. I'm grateful for the experience and for the outcome. Most importantly, I'm grateful for the confidence you have in me and the time and effort you spent making sure I was comfortable. God bless you!"

  • Miri, Pharmacist (Denial of religious accommodation and wrongful termination)

"When you hit your head on the ‘glass ceiling’ as I did and you need a lawyer, you need to consider Barry. I never thought I would be someone who would need an attorney for discrimination. But I was wrongfully terminated in a layoff and I needed help. I talked to a few other firms, but once I talked to Barry, the decision was immediately clear. I hired him and I couldn't have asked for a better employment attorney to be on my side. He is very knowledgeable and has seen all kinds of cases in his 20 years. He was able to guide me through all the possible options that I have. Barry is a professional who is confident, articulate, and tactful, and is not intimidated by the other side's big firm lawyers. It was pretty emotional for me to go through something like this but Barry keeps his calm and poise which really helped me throughout the process. He stayed in constant communication and kept me in the loop on everything. He ultimately helped me obtain a settlement that I am happy with. Even after we agreed to the basic settlement terms, Barry made sure till the end that the other side wasn't inserting some insane clauses that could be a problem for me later. I really hope that I never have to deal with discrimination again. But if I ever have to hire an employment attorney again, I am definitely hiring Barry."

  • Anjali Garg, Vice President - Technology (Sex discrimination, national origin/race discrimination, and wrongful termination) [name and title changed]

"Barry, it was a pleasure working with you. Not only were you a great attorney, but you have also become a good friend. My sincere thanks for all you did to support me in this lawsuit. I had never been involved in a lawsuit before and had very little knowledge of the process or proceedings involved. You were recommended by a friend and, once I contacted you, you immediately made me feel at ease.  You quickly demonstrated the breadth of your legal expertise and knowledge ... in a particularly complex breach of contract case.  You explained the legal process in a manner easily understood by a layperson. You ... prepared me for my deposition and coached me though any areas of discomfort associated with the proceedings. Your credentials, integrity, and ethics are impeccable.  In fact, you made an otherwise difficult situation very manageable, keeping me in the loop and asking for my opinion throughout the legal process. Your legal training and expertise are evident in your interactions with other lawyers, paralegals, courthouse staff and clients. For potential clients seeking legal representation, I highly recommend you."

  • Robert, Vice President - Sales (Breach of severance agreement)

“Throughout my career I had dealt with many legal issues through business, but this was my first experience in needing legal advice and representation for a personal matter. In seeking a qualified attorney in employment law, Barry Hersh was recommended to me by an in house attorney from another company. I found Barry to be not only knowledgeable, experienced and skilled but a genuinely caring person. He gave me the courage and encouragement to hang in there through what was a long, arduous journey that frankly should have been settled quickly by my former employer. Barry reminded me more than once that I had been wronged and we were on the right side of getting the pay that I had earned and was due to me. The patience and preparation paid off as demonstrated by the outcome. I recommend Barry and the Hersh Law Firm without reservation and will use them in business and personal issues should the need ever arise again.”

  • Madison, Sr. Vice President - International Franchising (Unpaid bonus)

"In early 2018, I was wrongfully discharged and treated unfairly and was put into that unfortunate situation where I needed legal counsel to protect me and my rights. After interviewing many potential attorneys, I selected Barry Hersh. From the first minute we met, I felt he was looking at me as if I was someone whom he wanted to help and not just a paycheck. We spoke for hours during our first meeting as he allowed me to share all the details of my situation so he had a complete and detailed understanding of all the facts. Other attorneys I had met with cut our meeting off after 60 minutes, or were preoccupied with other business dealings leaving me less than comfortable that they would be looking out for my best interest. Barry was singularly focused [on my situation] the entire time. Even still, after selecting Barry, I was concerned whether he would represent me well, whether he would listen to me, and whether he would appreciate my input and ideas. The answer to all those questions is 'yes.' He worked very hard, and was always available and timely with his responses or questions. He made what could have been a very anxious and difficult process very easy to manage and I was amazed at not only the outcome but the short amount of time it took to complete the process. If needed again, I would not hesitate to use Barry or recommend Barry Hersh and his team to anyone !!!"

  • Steve, Chief Marketing Officer (Breach of employment agreement)

"It is never easy to take on an employer with a lawsuit to uphold your rights. As an employee, it is easy to assume that no one can help you with your struggles but if Barry Hersh is on your side you can move ahead with confidence. He is driven to uphold the law and is willing to work hard to make sure that his client gets the best help possible and in a timely way. He explains laws and rights clearly and concisely and he is always available to answer questions or give you a pep talk when doubt creeps into your thoughts. Stand up for your hard earned rights and hire Barry Hersh with confidence. He is the best. Thanks Barry."

  • Diana, Server/Wine Tasting Associate (Wrongful termination and retaliation)

"I want to thank Barry for assisting me with my employment law dispute against my employer of over twenty years. As the CEO for all of those years - I never expected to have any legal conflict with my employer. Barry quickly assessed my employment situation and gave me extremely sound legal advice. I retained him and, with his representation, I was able to settle my wrongful termination claim in a short period of time with a terrific outcome for me. Barry was very strong in representing my interests in a legally difficult and emotional dispute. I highly recommend Barry Hersh. He will level the playing field for a client who needs legal representation in a difficult situation."

  • Ron, Chief Executive Officer (Age discrimination)

"As CEO of a high tech firm, I transitioned in a new CEO and received a separation agreement with the firm upon my departure. The firm did not honor the contract and I had to protect my interests. I researched attorneys that would have the right legal background, right personality, top legal rankings, and proven successes to bring my lawsuit. Barry Hersh met all requirements and worked extremely well in bringing my lawsuit to a resounding success. He was not intimidated by their attorney’s false rebuttals, and he used the law to our rightful advantage and calmly ran the proper legal proceedings. In the end, Barry concluded the lawsuit with a new agreement that was favorable to me. I heavily recommend Barry to anyone looking to right wrongs as it relates to employment issues. He is in your camp, he communicates well and is on top of the timing so as not to drag out the final result. I was very pleased with the work ethic and outcome; and, you should feel you will be in good hands if you decide to use Mr. Hersh. I recommend him overwhelmingly."

  • Michael, Chief Executive Officer (Breach of severance agreement)

"I was referred to Barry Hersh by a friend who previously worked with Barry at a different firm in Dallas. Barry exceeded all my expectations and was able to help me navigate some tricky contract/employment issues with my former employer. In addition to the employment issues, Barry provided me with sound legal advice in dealing with a subsequent defamation suit that was filed against me by my former employer. Barry is very professional, articulate, and tactful when dealing with his clients and opposing legal counsel. Barry ultimately guided me towards a settlement that left me very satisfied and content with the end result. I would highly recommend Barry Hersh to anyone with no reservations whatsoever."

  • Suresh, Anesthesiologist (Employment agreement and defamation)

"I have the benefit of having Barry on my side. Barry assisted me in negotiating a new experience for me -- being let go from a company with no notice due to a pregnancy. Barry was able to keep me well apprised of the situation, insight into the process, and providing me balance from his experience both from my perspective and my former employer. I was able to resolve my dispute only with Barry's assistance. I would high[ly] recommend Barry to my friends and family if they were in a similar situation."

  • Carrie Fowler, Director (Sex and pregnancy discrimination) [name and title changed]

“I highly recommend Mr. Hersh to anyone who needs assistance in claiming unpaid commissions. Mr. Hersh's attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of the law, put us ahead at all times. Barry made me feel like I was a part of a team as opposed to one person against a bully. Mr. Hersh made great efforts to know the nuances and details of my case. He was always conscientious and fair. Barry was in constant communication with me along the way, keeping me in the loop and discussing all updates and details until the very end. I know that I will have a lifelong association with the Hersh Law Firm in assisting me with any employment law needs for myself and my company. Thank you Barry, for all your help and support.”

  • Rachel, Telecommunications Sales (Unpaid commissions)

"What a great experience. Attorneys are famous for being cold. The process is never pleasant but to my surprise the process with Mr. Hersh at Hersh Law Firm was incredible. Mr. Hersh was very down to earth. He listened to my story and my needs and was incredibly helpful. I felt like I was talking to a friend. He was very knowledgeable and was very diligent in working on my case. It was a pleasure to have him as my attorney. I know now that there is at least one attorney out there I can trust. Thank you for everything Mr. Hersh."

  • Jaime, Chief Creative Officer (Incentive compensation agreement)

“I wanted to express my thanks for resolving my long standing [overtime] issue against my former employer. Your knowledge of the details and nuances of Employment law is astounding. You had excellent communication skills throughout the whole process from the [pre-]litigation to the trial, and every step along the way. Without your help and knowledge of the law, I doubt very seriously that the outcome would have been what it was. Over the last 2 years of this case, you have shown such dedication to my case and myself … I would recommend the Hersh Law Firm for anyone that has any type of employment law issues, either employer or employee. Mr. Barry Hersh, in my opinion, is the best employment lawyer in Texas. I did see all the awards he has received over the years and, from how my case was handled, he deserves every one of them … Again I cannot express my gratitude for your help and guidance through this whole process. Thank You.”

  • Kimon, Car Audio Technician (Independent contractor misclassification and overtime pay)

“Barry recently helped me settle a case involving many layers and legal issues. Throughout the process, he not only tended to the legal matters, but paid attention to how the case was affecting me personally. I knew from the start that this meant as much to Barry as it did to me, but never felt that it was a concern about the money he stood to make. Barry was the calm in the storm and remained steadfast in his approach and demands of my former employer. I can't even begin to describe the diligence that Barry showed throughout the process--whether it was collecting facts, researching recent cases and rulings that may help us, or communicating every step of the way late at night, weekends, and holidays. It seems as though he never took a day off from my case. I honestly can't say enough to describe how pleased I am with Barry and the efforts he put forth to help my family and me. There is no second choice when it comes to an employment attorney!”

  • Jeremy, Funeral Home Director (Retaliation)

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