Non Practice Areas

Barry represents individuals and employers in all or most areas of employment law. Our law firm also represents independent contractors in overtime pay misclassification disputes.  But, from time to time, the law firm is asked to assist a prospective client in an area where we do not offer our services. To help you save time, we have assembled a non-exhaustive list of the areas where we do not offer our services.  The law firm does not represent:

  • Public employees (individuals employed by a local, county, state, or federal government); or 
  • Public employers (a local, county, state, or federal government).

In addition, the law firm does not represent individuals in the following kinds of disputes:

  • COVID-19 vaccination disputes;
  • Workers compensation benefit disputes;
  • Texas unemployment benefits disputes;
  • Social security benefit disputes;
  • Workplace injuries; and
  • Claims against a city, county, state or federal government.