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"Barry! My former employer sued me for violating my non-solicit agreement and got a TRO. Then, I hired you and everything changed. You put a plan in place, executed the plan, and had the case mediated and settled under very favorable terms within two weeks. You rock and I appreciate all you did for me. During the entire process of my non-solicit case, you reduced my anxiety and made me feel like I was a priority and had my back. In the mediation, you would not stand for anything that was not in my best interest. Even if it meant we wouldn’t reach a settlement at mediation, you weren’t going to allow the case to settle unless I was getting the better end of the settlement. I appreciate your expertise, hard work, and dedication more than I can ever express. I now know that I never want to sign another noncompete agreement but if I ever need an employment law expert, you’re my lawyer!"
  • Jessica, Sales (Covenant not to compete/non-solicitation agreement)

"Barry, Everything you explained to me from the very beginning happened as you said. You quickly grasped the situation and together we developed a strategy. I learned very quickly to trust your judgment and not question it and in the end, I am glad I did. You achieved a settlement agreement that I could never have gotten on my own. Your experience working with Companies and individuals alike, proved beneficial. Thank you for promptly responding to my calls and emails within 24 hours every time. Lastly, what I appreciated most of all is that you handled all interactions with me and my former employer and their council. I strongly recommend you to anyone in need of an employment attorney."
  • Steven, Director - Sales (Severance pay)

"Barry is one of the brightest, no-nonsense attorneys in Dallas. He told me that the odds of winning a protracted legal dispute were not favorable, but promised to do everything he could to help me win… His handling of the matter, from start to finish was nothing short of top drawer… His no-nonsense demeanor let my former employer know from Day one that we were serious about pursuing our legal rights... If your employer is attempting to bully you, I strongly recommend the legal services of Barry Hersh."

  • Charlie, Senior Vice President (Age discrimination)

"Barry was not only knowledgeable and effective as it concerned representation in my case... but he was also very kind and personable. If you need assistance in labor law, and want to be represented by someone who cares about the client more than the pay, then Barry Hersh cannot be beat. Thanks for your attention to me as a client as well as the issues I faced."

  • Mark, Inside Sales (Overtime pay and retaliation)

"Mr. Hersh, Thank you so much for your diligent and fruitful efforts with my case. I always felt as though you were genuinely concerned about my family's best interest. I truly appreciate the time you took to fully explain everything to me. You obtained far better results than I expected and because of your determination and legal guidance, the process was much easier than I anticipated. Thank you!"

  • Dana, Office Manager (Wrongful termination)

"I've spent a lot of time covering lawyers. I've seen Racehorse Haynes litigate. I've dealt with both DeGuerins and the last five Texas Attorneys General. I know a good lawyer when I see one and Barry Hersh ranks at the top. I was most impressed by his direct and persuasive brief. Barry also showed patience and insight as he handled the issues of my case. The Hersh Law Firm has provided a valuable service at a critical time for me. I recommend Barry Hersh to anyone who is dealing with employment issues."

  • Bob, News Reporter/Radio Personality (Overtime pay)

"Being this was my first legal conflict, I was very confused on the steps to reach a lawyer. After calling at least 20 lawyers, no one but you gave me an opportunity. I much appreciate your fast attention and guidance to reach a resolution. Going against [...] is not an easy task, but your expertise and diligence shows you are the right man for the job. We were able to reach settlement without going to court. Meaning, I was able to get paid faster then expected. I will always be your client if ever needed for any circumstance. Thank you and your staff."

  • Rudy, Admin Assistant (Independent contractor misclassification)

"I have been truly blessed with my experience with Barry Hersh. He was extremely knowledgeable of paralegal overtime laws. He never backed down and he got me the results that I deserved. He was extremely effective in all aspects of his representation of me. I will gladly refer him to anyone with a labor/employment law situation in the future. He is one of a few attorneys I have encountered who truly cares about his clients in all aspects of their representation."

  • Callie, Paralegal (Overtime pay)

"Thanks for representing me in my case against my former employer. This case involved a very complex set of issues and I appreciated the fact that you were able to easily break it down for me and present a well thought out strategy. As it turns out, your extensive preparation and research carried the day. It was apparent during the ensuing discussions with my former employer that it was not in their best interests to take you on. In the end, they conceded without the need for us to pursue additional legal action. I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend you to anyone who seeks legal support for all employment related issues."

  • Mike, General Manager (Breach of severance agreement and non-compete)

"I do not know what I would have done without the help of Barry in my employment case. Barry was extremely head strong, took on my former employer like David took on Goliath. He never backed down and he pursued it until the end. I am a single mother who had serious financial difficulties due to my wrongful termination. Barry treated me like a human being and not just a client. He promptly returned all of my e-mails and phone calls...Barry gave me the strength to hang in there for what I deserved and not to settle for a mere pittance. He knew we were right and they were wrong. I thank him with all of my heart. Barry is extremely intelligent and a genius in his field of labor/employment law. I would recommend Barry in any labor/employment law case whether defending plaintiff or defendant, he is the best I have ever seen, and I have fourteen years of legal experience."

  • Lisa, Paralegal (Wrongful termination)

"Thanks to the Hersh Law Firm, the phrase 'b*tch slapped' took on a completely new meaning. My former employer now understands exactly which aisle the Vaseline is on ... and how to apply it. Just kidding, of course. The Hersh Law Firm handled my case like true professionals. Barry continuously amazed me with his knowledge of Employment Law. He handled my case quickly, and the end result completely exceeded my expectations. If you need an attorney to handle your employment disputes, the Hersh Law Firm comes highly recommended. Thanks Barry!"

  • David, Lab Technician (Overtime pay and wrongful termination)

"Thanks for handling my case and bringing it to an excellent resolution. Your knowledge and pragmatic analysis helped me focus on the important factors...sidestepping the emotional pitfalls associated [with] such cases. Hopefully, I won't experience another employee-related issue, but, if I do, I'll contact you again."

  • Rob, General Counsel (Breach of employment contract)

"I wanted to...thank you for all your help and expertise in achieving a positive outcome regarding the supposed non-compete agreement between my husband and [his former employer]. Had you not been the caliber of attorney you are I'm not sure the outcome would have been the same. My past experiences with lawyers have all been what many have come to expect, an empty pocket and a deep distrust of the legal profession. I must say that you completely change[d] my opinion...I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend you to someone. You should consider expanding into other areas of the law. Again, thank you so much."

  • Cindy, President (Non-compete agreement and unfair competition)

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with you on this case. My wife and I were amazed of your guidance on this case throughout the process. We both thank you very much for all your help. Thanks again."

  • Kumar, Periodontal Surgeon (Physician Employment Agreement)

"My experience with the Hersh Law Firm was truly a blessing...I believe his knowledge about the law was nothing short of miraculous. Working with the Hersh Law Firm gave me the choice to stay at home with my new baby."

  • Mary, IT Director (Pregnancy discrimination)

"I found myself in a situation where I thought that I had legal recourse but had neither the time nor the resources to pursue it...Barry partnered with me providing knowledge, wise counsel, and the time needed to accomplish the goals we had established. He...kept me up to date with what had happened and what would happen next. I was extremely pleased with both performance and the end result of working with the Hersh Law Firm."

  • Stuart, Chief Financial Officer (Wrongful termination)

"I just wanted to thank you for all you did for [my daughter]. As a parent, it is not easy to go through these things and keep quiet at times but I appreciate all your work and professionalism. If I am ever given the opportunity to send someone your way, you can be sure I will do so. Thanks again."

  • Michael, Account Executive (Sexual harassment) (parent of client)

"I want to thank you for representing us in our overtime case. The entire process was easy and your attention to detail was exactly what I was looking for. You went above and beyond my expectations and got us the decision that we wanted. I have to say I was nervous going into this because I had never been in a lawsuit, but you kept us in the loop the entire time. I would recommend you to anyone that is looking for an honest and fair attorney."

  • James, Landman (Independent contractor misclassification)

"The Hersh Law Firm was an excellent choice to resolve our legal matter. Barry was the most versed of the three firms we consulted with. Once he took our case, his approach was straightforward, honest, and pragmatic the whole way through. The Hersh Law Firm put sincere effort and time into our case on a professional and human level, making us feel confident and comfortable with the outcome."

  • Matthew, Landman (Overtime pay)

"Over the last 50+ years in [the] Entertainment and Development industries, I have met and worked with a large number of attorneys. I must say that the Hersh Law Firm, and Barry Hersh in particular, far outrank any [of my] past experiences. Barry is not an attorney that works with you from 9:00 to 5:00, but I found that he became “part of our family” 24/7. He encouraged, critiqued, and advised me on a number of significant legal issues ... I believe that the Hersh Law Firm, and Barry Hersh in particular, are the most thorough, accurate, and have the highest degree of integrity of any firm I’ve ever known. My only disappointment … is that, at this point, we have concluded [the representation], and I don’t have the opportunity to see or work with Barry on a more regular basis. I would encourage anyone involved in any legal matter regarding employment law to highly consider the Hersh Law Firm. On a scale of 1 – 10, I would say they are at least a 15.”

  • Michael, President (Wrongful termination and deferred compensation)

"Working with attorney Hersh was a pleasure. As associate general counsel for a nationwide non-profit that works in area of religious discrimination I have had a chance to work with many experienced employment lawyers across the country. He exceeded all expectations. I found Barry to be responsive, diligent and well prepared. He was consistently on top of the case and kept it moving forward in an efficient manner. His knowledge of the Dallas area judges and legal community were superb. He also demonstrated great empathy with the client in addressing not just the legal issues of the case but also the always attendant emotional and interpersonal issues that arose."

  • Todd, Associate General Counsel/co-counsel (Denial of religious accommodation and wrongful termination)

"After being told by the Department of Labor that I was due overtime wages, but that their caseload was too large to help, I contacted several attorneys. I was turned down by all the other attorneys except Barry Hersh. He did his homework and gathered information about my situation instead of turning me down ... When we spoke on the phone, I never felt rushed or manipulated into a decision that I wasn't comfortable with. Barry also talked me down from a few anxiety attacks over my case! The one thing that I was very impressed with is that he e-mailed me every time he had information on my case. I never felt out of the loop or in the dark about what was going on. I've never had someone go to bat for me and push to get what I deserved. Barry also got my case settled in just a few months. You can't ask for more than that! Thank you so much!"

  • Christy, Nanny (Overtime pay)

"I was not paid overtime by a home health company I worked for. I looked for a attorney who had knowledge of the 'overtime law and whom also had rave reviews. I came across Barry Hersh on Avvo and his reviews were stellar so he is the attorney I decided to go with. It was the best decision I could have made. Barry was very personable and professional and he made it a point that I understood everything that was going on in my case. I could ask questions at anytime and he always answered in a timely manner no matter what time I chose to ask my questions. I would recommend anyone fighting for their overtime pay to contact Barry Hersh. He's awesome!"

  • Teresa, Certified Nursing Aide (Overtime pay)

"Years ago, Barry started working on my case. I didn’t know if I would ever get even with a company that did me so wrong. It all worked out in the end. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. The way you handled over 100 employees was simply spectacular. Thanks Barry!"

  • Christian, Cable Technician (Overtime pay)

"Barry took my case and never gave up even when I lost all hope of any recovery. He was a warrior from start to finish. I was always in the loop on every little detail and he always answered my calls and questions. His creativity was the key in getting a win for a lot of people in this case. Barry, thank you again for all your hard work."

  • Frank, Cable Technician (Overtime pay)

"I would like to thank you and Hersh Law Firm for its hard work and dedication through this long journey. The ongoing updates and status [updates] for the case were greatly appreciated. Hopefully none of us experience another ordeal such as this, but if I know of anyone that requires your assistance I will be sure to recommend your law firm without hesitation. ... Thank you!"

  • Gilbert, Cable Technician (Overtime pay)

"I just want to say 'Thank You' for the awesome job you did for us all on the King Cable Suit!!! Your 'GREAT' service did not go unnoticed and I can't thank you enough!!!! Once again, awesome job. Keep up the 'GREAT WORK SIR'!!!"

  • Eric, Cable Technician (Overtime pay)

"You've performed way beyond my expectations and you were most professional and gave it your best even though this case was a very small one, your professionalism did not change you still gave it your 100% attention says much about your character and the kind of man you are ... Once again thank you."

  • Gilbert, Maintenance (Overtime pay)

"Barry is top notch. Every step of the way, Barry kept me informed and always thoroughly explained everything. Not only that, he felt like a friend guiding you through the process and not what you typically expect an attorney to be like. Worth every penny; do not hesitate to reach out."

  • Kyle, IT Services (Retaliation for complaining about PTO policy) (Overtime pay)

"I had a fantastic experience working with Barry. He made the whole process as simple as can be. I personally believe Barry’s best quality is his communication. He constantly kept me updated with the status of our case and made sure I knew how things were situated in the present and how he planned to move forward. He always was looking out for what was in my best interest and made sure I agreed with every decision we made. I can’t think of a single time when Barry didn’t email or call me back promptly, even on nights or weekends Barry would get back to me about any questions I had. I highly recommend Barry to anyone who is looking for an employment lawyer. He handled everything I could ask of him and more. I felt like he was personally invested in my case and this personal touch is what really pushed the experience over the top. I would have been completely lost without his experience and guidance. You will not go wrong with Barry."

  • Nick, IT Services (Retaliation for complaining about PTO policy)

"I utilized Barry to educate me on my risk related to an existing employment agreement as I was transitioning to a new role with a new employer. Barry spent plenty of time with me to make sure I had all my questions answered. It turns out everything he said could happen did happen. It was like he pulled out his crystal ball and just looked into the future. I would highly recommend Barry to anyone in need of legal support regarding employment/labor issues."

  • Jeff, Sr. Vice President (Flat-fee employment agreement review)

"Barry did a great job in helping me understand a very complicated severance package offered after 20 years of service as an executive. He also advised me, beyond the scope of the severance package, on business law matters related to my career transition. He is very knowledgeable. His counsel was extremely helpful. He was patient and understanding but most of all, he was objective in terms of what was best for me. He tailored his advice based on my unique circumstances and goals; and not on a one size fits all approach as is more common in this industry than I expected. He took the time to understand the context of my issues and was able to explain things in a clear and intuitive way that provided me insight. Barry gave me confidence in the decisions I made. I feel with Barry is in my corner, now and in the future should the need arise, I am taken care of. I highly recommend him to anyone in a similar situation."

  • Joe, Vice President (Flat-fee severance agreement review)

"Exceptional service! Barry helped me understand my severance package, gave me additional options and changes to consider. He listened to all my concerns and made sure he understood my circumstances. I didn't feel rushed and was put at ease with his down-to-earth approach. I will definitely use him again if the need arises."

  • Michell, IT Director (Flat-fee severance agreement review)

"I found out that trying to find an attorney is not always easy. After researching lawyers, I was fortunate to find Barry. He was able to help advise me on my non-compete agreement. He translated the 'legalese' of the agreement for me to understand better. He answered my questions, and I feel I have better clarification. I would highly recommend him for others and will definitely contact him again, if I need additional help in the future. Thanks Barry!"

  • Chris, Manager (flat-fee non-compete agreement review)

"Hi Barry!! When I Googled you, I was looking for the best attorney possible for my employment overtime issue because the Wage Department [U.S. Department of Labor] said that the lawyer they were going up against from my ex employer was a tough lawyer to beat and the case could take years to resolve and payment wouldn't be guaranteed. The Wage Department sounded like they didn't even want to deal with my case. They let time run off the clock and might have cost me a lot of money. So I found your law firm and, of course, I thought I was going to deal with a lawyer under your firm other than you, but no, I got the man himself, Barry Hersh!! Since 'day one,' you were on my case dealing with the paperwork and facts on my case. You calmed me down when I was in panic mode and told me to be patient. You always kept me updated. You always had answers before I had questions. You kept it real on how situations were looking and basically predicted the case play-by-play. Not only were you a tougher lawyer, you resolved my case within 8 months and you got my ex employer paying me in a timely fashion. You did not let me settle for the first offer because you knew there was more there. Before this case, I was considered a contract worker with no rights, but you let them know that I was actually a wronged employee. Thank you Barry for everything from the bottom of my heart. Because of you, my family is eating good this year."

  • J, Construction (Overtime pay)

"Working with Barry was the best decision I could have made. Not only did he educate me on non-compete law, but he did his research around my specific case and advised me on the various paths to take. He was extremely helpful, patient and made me feel heard. I highly recommend consulting with Barry on any labor questions you might have. "

  • Alex, Client Services (Flat-fee non-compete agreement review)

"Watching Barry work during this [legal] process and engaging with him regularly has been inspiring. He is a master of his craft. Barry is diligent, thoughtful, determined, respectful, and brilliant in the practice of law. He kept me informed and educated every step of way. He gave me the continued confidence to pursue my case during a lengthy process and never wavered in his pursuit of justice for me and my family. I am thankful he was referred to me and I highly recommend him."

  • Chris, Vice President - Sales (Unpaid bonuses and fraud)

"Thanks for your time, candor, expertise, and advice. Your approach and ability to communicate complex legal circumstances in a way we all can understand is welcome and extraordinary. Finally, your empathy for our situation and your clear concern for our needs as people was truly unique, and vastly appreciated."

  • Doug (Flat-fee employment agreement review)

"Mr. Hersh, you have been a great help to me and my family. I went to at least 10 different attorneys before you. No one could help. Nor did they believe I had a case. You had no doubt that I had a case and walked me through every step along the way. Thank you for all your help! Honestly, having you as my attorney felt like I had a friend fighting for me."

  • Jeremy, Swimming Pool Tech (Overtime pay)

"An employer treated me in a way that was unfair and the response was harsh and unkind when I reached out about it. I did not know who to call or what to do. I used Google to look lawyers up. None of them responded or gave me the time of day. B. Hersh reached out to me. Our first interaction took so much anxiety off of my plate because I could hear in his tone that he really cared about employees trying to make a living being treated right. He immediately started taking care of my concerns. I have never dealt with legal issues, so even at times where I would email B. Hersh several times a day, I ALWAYS got a reply and I always felt like my question or rant was a bother. B. Hersh actually addressed issues I never even thought of, that will take care of me even after the matter. I went from an employer hanging up in my face and saying they were done speaking to being fully compensated and made whole. If you are in a bind with an employer, do yourself a favor and reach out to Hersh Law Firm, PC. My checks arrived today and without them I would have gotten nothing but more disrespect."

  • Starla, Contract Employee to Staffing Agency (Overtime pay)

"Barry was amazing, very professional, rapid response time and invaluable in terms of additional insight and advice. Full knowledge of employment law, and handled my requirements without fault. I would highly recommend Barry Hersh for any employment matters."

  • Mark, President (Negotiation of executive employment agreement)

"I sought Barry’s counsel in the review of my Separation Agreement, NDA and Non-Compete. Our virtual consultation was richly informative and highly beneficial, and it was clear he came to the call well prepared and ready to discuss my situation. Instead of just providing his opinions, he painstakingly walked through every element of the document with me, delivering input and helping me see all sides of the situation. He also caught something I’d overlooked and that put my mind at ease.

Barry is not a bombastic attorney, nor is he a pushover. He listens with empathy, genuinely taking in the elements of the conversation and advising on the best way to proceed. His years of experience in this field truly shine through. No one ever wants to consult with an attorney, but Barry made the whole process – strange as this sounds – enjoyable. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a reputable, highly competent attorney in the Employment Law field."

  • Sandra, Director (Flat-fee severance agreement review)

"I was in a terrible position, living in a state where I didn't know anybody, had no support, and had no legal referrals after the company I came here to work for decided they didn't want me to work for them anymore. I had never had a legal battle with anyone in my entire life, let alone my employer before this. Apparently, Karma was on my side because I chose Barry Hersh to represent me in a breach of contract case. This was a very painful and emotional experience for me and Barry was very sensitive to that... He was able to learn a great deal of information about my industry to understand what had really happened to me and why, therefore, recognizing the gross behavior of my employer. He negotiated an excellent settlement for me but just as important, was always on my side and showed a great deal of empathy for what I had experienced. The only person I ever spoke with or corresponded with from this firm was Barry himself. He did not push me off on an assistant or a paralegal, I spoke directly to Barry in every conversation I ever had with this firm. I would refer anyone with an employment-related problem to Barry Hersh."

  • Nicole, Director (Breach of employment agreement and wrongful termination)

"Hi Barry. Thanks again for meeting with me on Friday. I appreciated all the advice and insight into my [workplace] situation. You exceeded my expectations! You provided great direction and counseling on how to address my current issues. I also came away with re-energized confidence in how to deal with upcoming events around my employment and supervisor. I felt your preparation allowed you to be immediately connect with me on my concerns."

  • David, Vice President (Flat-fee consultation about workplace issues)

"I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and sincere respect for Barry during a very emotional time in a recent employment situation where I believed at least one form of discrimination was in play.  Ultimately Barry made the decision, rightly so, that there was no path forward in terms of a viable positive outcome of my allegations. He was sympathetic and I think even believed my instincts were correct. But there is a difference in what was our shared belief of injustice and acting on that belief with an extremely limited chance of success. He was beyond courteous and thorough in his preparation and attention to details of my situation. And that distinction is the story for those seeking legal counsel in the workplace. During an emotional time of perceived employer discrimination you need a reasoned approach that separates the emotion from the legal facts. I say without reservation that there is no one else I would turn to if faced with that scenario."
  • Chuck, Sales Specialist (Flat-fee consultation about workplace issue)

"In pursuing a new career opportunity, I had apprehensions about my rights and protections in leaving my current employment. I sought legal counsel in order to equip myself with knowledge regarding both my own and my employer’s compliance in our workplace agreement. Barry took the time to walk me through my contract and explain in detail points of relevance to my personal situation. He was thorough and took time to be sure all of my questions were answered. Throughout the conversation Barry was not only knowledgeable but also personable, which turned my approach to the situation from apprehension to comfortable confidence. There is no price to be placed on peace of mind, and I strongly recommend Barry to my friends, family, and anyone seeking employment legal counsel."
  • Jenny, Veterinary Neurosurgeon (Flat-fee consultation about employment agreement)  

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