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"Barry, it was a pleasure doing business with you.  I appreciate your professionalism, wealth of knowledge, and full transparency in representing my business.  You communicated with me at every step of the process.  The entire experience, and especially the end results, far exceeded my expectations.  No business owner wants to hear that his Accounting Department is writing unauthorized bonuses to themselves and engaging in other fraudulent conduct.  When I learned this, I was devastated by the betrayal and breach of trust.  I thought we’d never recover the amounts.  In fact, I originally was using my business lawyer to handle the situation and then I realized that I needed someone with your expertise.  You quickly grasped the issues, evaluated the situation and players, devised a plan, and executed it.  In the end, we recovered the money without going to court and the result was so overwhelmingly positive that our recovery paid your attorney fees.  All businesses face adversity and challenges along the way and I can honestly say it was a privilege to watch you work and work with you.  Thanks again, Barry.  Next time, you’re my first call if I need help."
  • Steve, CEO and business owner

"Thank you so much for helping us as small business owners thru these past 22 months. G-d is so good!!! [My husband] and I and our staff are [so] pleased. I have advised all my prayer partners that our nightmare is finally over and rejoice in the positive outcome. So, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. You are a real Hero."

  • Don and Shirlee, Owners 

"The Hersh Law firm helped my business win my case against a former employee who was fired for misconduct.  The employee filed an unemployment claim and we fought it and won.  Barry was always professional and always had my business interests and reputation protected.  I would highly recommend Barry to anyone who needs an employment law attorney.  He is a winner (or as husband says, he's “bad-ass”)!" 
  • Ellen, Oral Surgeon and business owner

"When we became aware that an employee had grossly disregarded our non-compete agreement, we knew that we would need excellent representation in order to hold them accountable. Thankfully, we were referred to ... Barry Hersh. Barry took a methodical and complete approach to our situation, making sure all steps were covered on time and all information was correct and accurate. He advised us on the best way to proceed at each level in the process, including the costs involved. His experience was invaluable, as he had dealt with many of the same types of details in other cases. In the end, our situation was resolved in our favor and to our satisfaction. Along the way, we engaged him to update our employee contract, employment handbook and confidentiality agreement to help our Company function even better. While no one looks forward to needing an attorney, we actually 'enjoyed' working with Barry. Thanks Barry, for all you do!" 
  • Chris, President, CEO and Business owner

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased my management team was with your [anti-discrimination] seminar. I feel that they received great practical information that will improve our hiring process and the retention of our existing employees." 
  • Cliff, President/CEO

"Barry was on the 'other side' of a matter involving my firm and I was so impressed by his performance and integrity, that in a subsequent [unrelated] matter, my company hired him. We continue to consult with Barry on other matters and I not only find his advice to be direct and on point but he also incredibly cost effective. His goal is to solve the issue as expeditiously as possible, and not unnecessarily prolong a case." 
  • David, General Counsel

"When we met for our initial consultation with Barry, we immediately felt comfortable with engaging him on our legal matter.  He guided ... us through the rocky waters [of litigation] to a successful outcome for our company.  He brings a unique perspective to the table as he has successfully litigated both sides of the fence; for the company and for the employee.  His ethics are high.  I would highly recommend Barry's representation in all matters of employment law." 
  • Barry S., President

"I cannot describe what an invaluable asset Mr. Hersh has been to our company. As a small business with 20 employees, it is challenging to manage the complexities of employment law and deal with the day-to-day demands of the business. Mr. Hersh encouraged us to update our Employee Handbook and employment forms last year. With a small management team, it seemed like a lot of work at first. We wondered if it was 'overkill'... Seven months after we completed the project, we had to let one of our executives go. It was then that we realized how critical this task was. Because of Barry's work, the company was well prepared, and most importantly, well protected. We cannot thank Mr. Hersh enough for his dedication to our business. We recommend him highly and consider him to be a valuable asset to our company." 
  • Lori, President and Owner

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