How Do I Know If I Need an Employment Law Attorney?

Some employment law violations--such as sexual harassment--may be obvious, but other kinds may not be. Many employers continue to misunderstand and misapply federal and state employment and wage & hour laws. Some intentionally ignore these laws in order to reduce their payroll and administrative costs. Due to the law's complexity and some employers' efforts to conceal their illegal practices, an employee may not even know that he or she has been denied guaranteed employment rights. Employers have little incentive to correct their unlawful employment practices because it may result in them owing employees substantial amounts of money for unpaid wages, liquidated damages, and possibly even punitive damages. For more information about unlawful employment practices, see our Employees section.

What Should I Do If I Think that My Employer Violated My Employment Law Rights?

Under federal and state employment laws, how long an employee delays in determining whether his or her employment law rights have been violated and exactly how the employee proceeds to act after learning of a violation directly affects how much--and even whether--he or she may recover damages for lost wages, benefits, and other relief. Additionally, some employment law violations require an employee to file a charge of discrimination with an administrative agency such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or Texas Workforce Commission--Human Rights Division (TWC-HR) before a lawsuit may be filed. The information an employee includes--or fails to include--in his or her charge shapes the scope and nature of the lawsuit which the employee may later pursue in court. For this reason, it is very important for an employee to contact the Hersh Law Firm or other highly-qualified employment attorney as soon as he or she believes that employment law rights have been violated.

How Do I Schedule a Consultation to Meet with Barry Hersh?

To ensure that employees' legal concerns receive their due attention, all attorney consultations must be scheduled in advance. No consultation will be scheduled until after an employee completes and returns an Intake Questionnaire. Consultations generally last around an hour and are usually subject to a consultation fee. To request an Intake Questionnaire, complete the information on our Contact Us page.

What Information Is the Hersh Law Firm Going to Need from Me to Make an Evaluation?

We will want to know all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your situation. A copy of any written documentation you may have such as employment agreements, e-mails, letters, policy manuals, employee handbooks, or even notes you created around the time of the employment dispute is helpful. Also important are the names, phone numbers, and addresses of any witnesses or other parties involved. Depending upon the nature and facts of your situation, we may ask for additional information, but being well prepared and making important information available to us up front will insure that you will get the most out of the initial consultation.